The Island Government begins on Monday the renovation of tram rail in Cruz de Piedra

Metrotenerife, a company attached to the Island Government and chaired by Enrique Arriaga, will carry out, from 28th June to 4th July, the first phase of the maintenance works of rails on the tram platform located in the Cruz de Piedra roundabout, at La Laguna. The tram service will continue running and the roundabout will be operational to the traffic. Metrotenerife has scheduled the second and final works phase for the following week.

In this first phase, some lanes near the Cruz de Piedra roundabout will be signposted to maintain the safety of workers and as material and equipment stock. For that reason, the signposting will adapt according to the progress of the works and in coordination of the La Laguna City Council.

Cartel informativo de las obras de la rotonda Cruz de Piedra.

The renovation of tram rails will improve the comfort of the tram service and reduce the noise of the trams running. Metrotenerife will watch over minimise the inconveniences that may be caused.

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