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Tranvia de Tenerife runs two lines in the metropolitan area of the island between the cities of Santa Cruz and La Laguna. The main line, Line 1, is 12.5 km long with 21 stops and connects with Line 2, which is 3.6 km long and has 6 stops, two of which are transfer stops between lines.


A firm commitment of Metrotenerife and of all its employees to society is to provide good-quality, modern and efficient public transport, which is safe and respectful of the environment, and contributes to improving the quality of life of the citizens of Tenerife and our surroundings.



Tranvia de Tenerife holds the AENOR certification for Universal Accessibility UNE 170001 for all its services in recognition of our providing a means of transport that does not exclude any sector of society, being highly efficient and accessible to ALL our customers. [See our Acessibility Report]

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Metrotenerife participates in LIFERAIL project about additive manufacturing to extend the service life of railway infrastructure and reduce costs

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The Metrotenerife Green Bond Issue, recognized by the Global Light Rail Awards

Metrotenerife, transport company of the Government of Tenerife, has received a new international prize of the railway sector. The prestigious... Read More →

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